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Solving the Mystery of Rebekah Wentz

Sometimes in genealogy, it seems that people have disappeared into thin air. That appeared to be the case of Rebekah (Rebecca) McMurtrey Wentz, widow of Colonel Augustus Wentz. When we featured Colonel Wentz in our blog post of November 11, … Continue reading

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A Genealogist’s Walk: Oakdale Memorial Gardens

Favorite haunts of genealogists and local historians seem to be indoor locations a great deal of the time. We feel at home in local libraries and history centers pouring over books, faded documents, and microfilm until our eyes feel dry and … Continue reading

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A Hero of the Iowa 7th: Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Wentz

Wednesday, November 13, 1861 was a day of mourning for the citizens of Davenport, Iowa.  Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Wentz would be buried on that crisp Autumn day. Only a few weeks before local residents had cheered as Wentz and members … Continue reading

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