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The Mysterious Poisoning of the Foulk Children

It was a mystery that shocked the state of Iowa in October 1905. Who would leave poisoned candy in the room of an elderly widowed Civil War veteran with a note saying it was for his young children? Children who … Continue reading

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The Truth Will Out:  Annie Wittenmyer

In preparation for a recent program featuring Annie Wittenmyer and the orphanage she is forever linked to in Davenport, Iowa, inconsistencies within reference works were found bringing up a number of questions. Turning to some basic documents used for family … Continue reading

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Investigate the Past: Annie Wittenmyer Complex Program

Have you ever been curious about the Annie Wittenmyer Complex (the former Iowa Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home) on Eastern Avenue in Davenport? This coming Tuesday, June 5, 2018, at 4:30 p.m., the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center of the Daveport Public Library … Continue reading

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Build A Better Davenport: The Iowa Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home 1865 – 1975

This week we are continuing with the Davenport Public Library’s Summer Reading Program theme of “Build a Better World” by exploring the Richardson-Sloane Special Collection Center’s resources and records of local architects, developers, planners, construction companies, and other building material … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Orphaned Limb of Oakdale Memorial Gardens

There are many mysteries to be found and puzzled over in our local cemeteries. The one that we are asked about most often is a simple headstone found at the end of a very long row in the Iowa Soldiers’ … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Orphans’ Monument

Standing like a sentinel over the headstones in the Orphans’ Section in Oakdale Memorial Gardens Cemetery is a large granite monument, surrounded by mystery. Starting in November of 1865, Orphans from the Iowa Soldiers’ Orphans Home (later renamed the Annie … Continue reading

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A New (Old) Look at the Iowa Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home

For many of us, when the name Iowa Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home or Annie Wittenmyer Home is mentioned we think of the beautiful two-story red brick cottages that exist today on the site. These were not the original buildings that the … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name? The Annie Wittenmyer Home

On November 16, 1865, one hundred and fifty orphans arrived in Davenport to take up residence of the newly established Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home.  Over the years, evolved and expanded over the years as the original residents grew up, eventually accepting … Continue reading

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A Genealogist’s Walk: Oakdale Memorial Gardens

Favorite haunts of genealogists and local historians seem to be indoor locations a great deal of the time. We feel at home in local libraries and history centers pouring over books, faded documents, and microfilm until our eyes feel dry and … Continue reading

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The 1940s Census is here! And it works!

Ancestry Library has finished uploading all of the 1940 Census images to its database.  They are now working on indexing—at this posting, Delaware was finished and everything else is pending. Meanwhile, you can find your relatives by browsing the right Enumeration … Continue reading

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