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The Mysterious Orphaned Limb of Oakdale Memorial Gardens

There are many mysteries to be found and puzzled over in our local cemeteries. The one that we are asked about most often is a simple headstone found at the end of a very long row in the Iowa Soldiers’ … Continue reading

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A Genealogist’s Walk: Oakdale Memorial Gardens

Favorite haunts of genealogists and local historians seem to be indoor locations a great deal of the time. We feel at home in local libraries and history centers pouring over books, faded documents, and microfilm until our eyes feel dry and … Continue reading

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Summit Cemetery: Memories of a Rural Past

It catches the eye.  Nestled amongst more elaborate headstones in Summit Cemetery is a small wooden grave marker.  It is simply engraved “Lena Smith 1915 – 1932.”  One cannot walk by, but feels the need to stop and ponder about … Continue reading

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