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Davenport During the Civil War: The Draft of August 1862

In August of 1862, the Civil War continued to rage and the Union began to experience a shortage of soldiers as enlistment rates dropped. Various factors were behind the declining numbers of recruits, including the realization that the war was … Continue reading

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Not Gone Before His Time: The Adventures of Civil War Captain Harry B. Doolittle

On August 13, 1896 the Daily Democrat and Davenport Daily Times ran the obituary for Captain Harry B. Doolittle. The Civil War veteran had died after a fall at his residence at the Old Soldiers’ Home in Marshalltown, Iowa. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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A Hero of the Iowa 7th: Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Wentz

Wednesday, November 13, 1861 was a day of mourning for the citizens of Davenport, Iowa.  Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Wentz would be buried on that crisp Autumn day. Only a few weeks before local residents had cheered as Wentz and members … Continue reading

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“One of the grandest soldiers the North had . . . “

While we take the time to remember and honor  the men and women of our armed forces who have fought to keep our country and people safe, it seems fitting that we also remember those civilians who have fought to … Continue reading

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150 Years Ago Today

April 12, 2011, marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War— a war from which 13,589 Iowa men, and countless others, never returned home. Our Special Collections Center, is home to many interesting primary and secondary resources … Continue reading

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The Nation’s First Concentration Camp

In its almost one hundred and seventy-five years, Davenport has had many national firsts.  Some of these fill us with a sense of comfortable pride.  Others do not. Genealogists and local historians may know that the Quad-City area was originally … Continue reading

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McClellan Heights-The Most Beautiful Spot in All the World for a Home…or a State Park?

The BIX at 6 practice runs and the actual event take many exercise enthusiasts along a course that is both physically challenging and visually intriguing. While jogging, walking or limping through the McClellan Heights area of the course participants can … Continue reading

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Now Available: Two New Online Indexes

We are pround to announce that our searchable Local Index Databases  have increased by two! The anticipated index for the  Civil War Enlistment Papers is now up and running.  As you may recall, these papers are for the men who volunteered for the … Continue reading

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Now Available: Iowa Civil War Enlistment Papers

If you’ve got an ancestor who served in an Iowa Regiment during the Civil War we’ve just acquired a great resource to assist you in your research. Thanks to some generous folks like the Tawani Foundation in Chicago who provided … Continue reading

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A Soldier’s Letter Answered

Approximately 76,237 Iowa men fought in the Union Army during the Civil War. Of these men, 13,589 did not survive the war, and many others were in no condition to support their families. Annie Wittenmyer, Iowa’s first female Sanitation Agent, … Continue reading

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