One hundread years ago: Tyler School Class of 1912

On June 20, 1912, students from 12 grammar schools in Davenport received diplomas. Due to the large number of graduates that year, the classes were split in two groups. Students from Washington, Monroe, Van Buren, Tyler, Taylor and Lincoln schools had their program at 10:00 am; while Madison, Jackson, Harrison, Polk, Fillmore and Buchannan schools received theirs at 2:30 pm. The ceremonies took place at the Davenport High School auditorium, with Davenport Schools Superintendent Frank L. Smart giving the commencement address.

We located a glass negative of the Tyler School class of 1912 in our Hostetler Photograph Collection. With the help of Ms. Roseanne Sprague, a descendant of one of the students pictured, we were able to identify the students in photograph. (Students with an asterisk after their names received medals for general excellence and attendance.)

Tyler School Class of 1912

 Frederick A. Amos*Bessie E. ThelemannLouis J. SellorsFrieda M. HolstLaverne VandersliceMargaret Elizabeth HostetlerRaymond W. HannaCornelia GenzlingerCharlotte F. SchnellGilmore A. LardnerMaurine PerkinsHerbert FennellAlice W. Reimers*David L. RedfieldFred MackenzieTheodore Edward FroeschleBernice M. SeverinWilliam Herbert SniderMarjorie Jean Bonney*Eugene W.  BoyntonAnnabelle LaPlantPercy HenryDorothy H. Smart*Helen F. Casey*Elsie Margaret Schnitger*Maud Caroline Fee*Defoy Geneva Kinkead   ————————————————————————————————————-

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  1. Rosanne MacKenzie Sprague says:

    Our class (1940) was the last to graduate from Tyler School. At that time there were two graduations….Feb. and June. It was decided to have only one graduation…in June. So students in the sixth grade class who expected to graduate in Feb. were either advanced one semester or held back one semester. Every one in our class advanced, and in Sept. we enrolled at Sudlow Junior High.

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