75th Anniversary of Invasion of Normandy

June 6, 1944, marks an important turning point for the Allied powers in the European Theatre. 75 years ago the beaches of Normandy were host to thousands of armed forces from the United States, Britain, and Canadian tasked with defeating the German forces. D-Day is the more common appellation of the amphibious invasion of France also known as Operation Overlord.  

With this anniversary, we remember the soldiers who fought in this battle. In 2014, we showcased oral history conducted by Special Collections of World War II veterans. These men and women featured in this blog tell of their D-Day stories. We would like to share these memories with the community again.

In Their Own Words: D-Day

 On June 12th at 6 PM at The Library | Eastern, the Army Sustainment Command will be presenting the history of Invasion of Europe 75th Anniversary & Battle of Normandy. All are welcome to come to this event.

Helps us to celebrate this day in history by reading the blog mentioned above or attending this presentaiton. 

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