A Postcard View: St. Luke’s Hospital 1898

St. Luke's 1898

The Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center recently received a donation of postcards showing different buildings and scenes around Davenport over the years.

The above postcard is a black and white photo of St. Luke’s Hospital taken around 1898. The building was formerly the Daniel T. and Patience Newcomb home that was built in Italianate style.

Purchased in 1893 under the direction of the Right Reverend William Stephens Perry of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, the Newcomb house was renovated and opened in April 1895 as St. Luke’s Hospital at 121 W. 8th Street (corner of 8th and Main Streets).

The building was in use as a hospital until December 1919 when a new St. Luke’s structure was opened at 1224 East High Street.

The old hospital at 121 W. 8th still stands today and is in use as an apartment building.

This postcard is a wonderful view of the old hospital. We just wish we knew the identity of the 3 children in the lower right hand of the card or the woman standing in the doorway in the rear of the building.

While we do not know exactly the season the photo was taken, we all agreed there is a definite October feeling to the photo.

(posted by Amy D.)

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