What are you doing this Sunday?

Are the nuts in your family tree so well hidden you suspect that squirrels may be involved?

We in the Special Collections Center understand.  And we are once again opening our Center on a Sunday to give you a little extra time to root out those difficult ancestors and graft them on your tree!

 That’s right!  Genealogy Night is back!

Family Tree Nut2

Sunday, October 5, 2014

3 – 8 p.m.

For only $10.00, you’ll have the run of the Special Collections Center at the Main Street Library for five whole hours!

You’ll be able to use our resources, pick the brains of your fellow genealogists, socialize with those who share your obsessions . . . and what the heck, we’ll feed you, too!

Registration is required, so please call us at 563-326-7902 for more information or to reserve your place on the list!

Or simply drop off your registration fee at the Special Collections Center to secure your spot!

Family Tree Nut See you there!


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