The Small, Pretty Wedding of Jennie E. Grieve, Schoolteacher of this City

On March 14, 1901, Jennie E.  Grieve, former schoolteacher of the brand new School #11 (later renamed Taylor Elementary) married Alexander Shadbolt, the owner of a stock farm outside of Brooklyn, Iowa, in Poweshiek County.

Aren’t they a lovely couple?

Shadbolt Couple

Held at the home of the bride’s parents on 719 East Fourteenth Street, the wedding was a small affair, but, the Davenport Daily Leader reported, a very pretty one.   There was a small dinner afterward for family and a few close friends.

But a small, intimate wedding didn’t mean the bride didn’t wear a beautiful dress.  Look at those gorgeous ruffles:

Shadbolt Bride

There was no veil mentioned in the newspaper account—which also lacked details about the silk gauze dress, much to our disappointment—but the bride did have her photograph taken with her glasses on, as befits a former schoolteacher.

They’re barely visible in the image, but they’re there!

Shadbolt Detail

The bride had resigned her teaching position a month before her wedding—teachers were not allowed to be married in the Davenport School System at that time—and the couple left a week after the wedding to live in Brooklyn, Iowa.


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The old and the new!! : elementary schools in use prior to 1940 and those after the new ones opened in the fall of 1940  [Davenport, Iowa : Davenport Schools Museum, 199-?]

 Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive


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