Riverfront Development: August 5, 1912

Main St Sewer.Levee.Autocorrect

The creation of the Davenport Levee commission in 1911 changed the face of the city’s waterfront. By 1912 sewer projects and a new levee wall were being installed.

The above photo is dated August 5, 1912 and shows a sewer installation at the foot of Main Street.  It’s part of a collection containing about 75 negatives taken between 1911 and 1914 for the Levee Commission.

Due to the fragile nature of the negatives, we are currently working to find the best way to preserve the images. The above photo was taken as part of test; they are not yet available to be viewed by the public—or staff!

Yes, even staff has to have patience sometimes. And that can be very tough on us!

Once we decide how to proceed, we will offer updates on the preservation procedures we take and when these images will be accessible to all.

Flood Photos - 2013 114The corner of River Drive and Main Street as it looked during flooding in April 2013. A little different from 1912!

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