A Flood of Images: April 2013

Another flood has come and gone (or at least it is on its way to being gone!). While this one did not crack the Top 10 flood list, it unofficially crested at 19.12 feet on April 21, 2013 at Lock and Dam 15.*

19.12 feet will place this flood at the #13 spot of Historical Crests. It barely edges out the current #13 which was the flood of February 22, 1966 which crested at 19.00 feet.

On Monday, April 22, 2013 pictures were taken of the flood in downtown Davenport. As with A Flood of Images: 2011 photos are shown from east to west in case anyone wants to compare.


Looking west from the Arsenal Bridge. River Drive looks like the Mississippi River. Flood Photos - 2013 138Hesco barrier at corner of Iowa St. and River Drive.Flood Photos - 2013 142

Another view Hesco barrier taken from Bechtel Park at Iowa St. and River Drive. Flood Photos - 2013 156Dillon Fountain corner of Main Street and River Drive.Flood Photos - 2013 114

The Levee Inn – Locally famous for the flood crest markings in the corners of the building.Flood Photos - 2013 122LeClaire Park and Bandshell along the river. You can see water up to the tops of the seats. The train tracks are under water too. No jazz concert today!Flood Photos - 2013 128

Modern Woodmen Park – With walkway in place the games go on!Flood Photos - 2013 078

Myrtle Street and River Drive in west Davenport. Skate Park is closed!Flood Photos - 2013 066

River Drive looking east from Sturdevant St. at Davenport City Cemetery.Flood Photos - 2013 050On a positive note, the grass is green and our feathered friends don’t mind the water at all! City Cemetery along River Drive in west Davenport.Flood Photos - 2013 031

As the flood of April 2013 passes there is one question on our minds. With all the snow still up north could this be a repeat of 2008? That year the Mississippi crested on April 29th at 19.24 feet and again on June 16th at 21.49 feet. We certainly hope not!

*Update – June 27, 2013: We are preparing for our 4th crest of 2013. It has been a busy year on the Mississippi River (and other local rivers too).

Following are the crest dates and levels for 2013:

1) Mississippi River crest officially on April 21, 2013 at 19.12 feet. This crest currently resides at #13 in the Top 20 Highest Mississippi River Crests.

2) Crest 15.93 feet on May 14, 2013.

3) Crest 16.34 feet on June 5, 2013.

4) Crest expected July 1, 2013.

(photos and post by Amy D.)

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