A Flood of Images: 2011 edition

Now that the River has receded from its crest of 20.7 feet,* we thought it was time to take a look back at this year’s flood, which knocked the 1892 flood out of fourth place by almost a foot and a half.


On River Drive, the traffic signs tried valiantly to keep their heads above water:

While our Front Porch got a little damp:


But Davenport had been warned and, with the help of volunteers  put up its defenses in record time:








We may be getting the hang of this flooding thing . . .

But that doesn’t mean the River didn’t try its best to wander afield:

Do a little window shopping downtown:

And maybe take in a baseball game:


But, as usual, the web-footed citizens of Davenport didn’t seem to mind at all:



(Pictures taken by our own intrepid Amy D.  We still aren’t sure what she was standing on for some of these)


* “River crests at 20.7 feet – Floodwaters in the Q-C begin to slowly recede, Quad-City Times, April 24, 2011, p.1

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