Patience, No — Time, Yes!

The two things a genealogist can’t do without are patience and research time.  True patience comes from within, but we can offer you some extra time!

Starting next Sunday, October 2nd,  the Main Street location of the Davenport Public Library will be open 1pm to 4pm, until the end of April.  This means our Special Collections Center will also be open three more hours, so come on in and take advantage!

And three Sundays from now, on October 16th,  you can spend the whole evening with us.  From 4pm to 9pm,  we’re offering after-hours access to the best collection of genealogy databases, books, and census records in the Quad Cities. And we’ll feed you ,too!

Registration is just $10, due before the event. For more information or to register, contact us at 563-326-7902 or .

Now, if we could just find a way to bottle patience . . .

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