Tornado DVDs

Tornado Hunters Video footage of F4 tornados taken by amateur and professional storm chasers in Tornado Alley.

Twister The (modern) classic tornado flick starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as the battling “storm-obsessed lunatics.” (All Movie Guide). There’s a complicated plot about “Dorothy,” a machine that will gather vital data about tornados as they pass over the device, and an evil competitor with a similar gizmo.

Which leads us to The Wizard of Oz , the (traditional) classic twister flick.

The tension of the brewing storm’s destruction  is built up carefully – with everyday, realistic touches. Everyone who sees this as a child can imagine themselves in Dorothy’s shoes (ha) – worrying about the darkening skies but having to go about their business. Even after 72 years, this film holds up, IMHO, as the film best able to instill a lifelong fear of storms.

2 thoughts on “Tornado DVDs

  1. I’m with you Lynn on The Wizard of Oz instilling fear of storms. I used to get sick to my stomach when I was a kid and heard of a tornado watch or warning. I thought I might get swept away like Dorothy. Fortunately I got over that. Now I’m more apt to be outside looking for the storm!

  2. I am also a big fan of The Night of the Twisters! Actually, I associate tornado weather so much with that movie, that I start looking around for Devon Sawa every time the wind picks up…

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