The New Lasagna Cookbook by Maria Burscino Sanchez

One of the great Italian comfort foods gets a fresh outlook in The New Lasagna Cookbook. Not only will you find the classics – vegetarian, bolognese, sausage and pepper – you’ll find lots of new and innovative flavors such as butternut squash, artichoke and spinach, cajun turkey, Middle Eastern and seafood. There’s a lasagna for every mood and every season.

Sanchez starts with the essentials – cheeses, noodles (both homemade and store bought) and sauces. Next are recipes for lasagna starters – crostini, cheese spreads, garlic bread – and salads and dressings to accompany the meal. This is followed by the heart of the book – lasagna recipes and variations. She finishes with desserts – frangipane cake, date nut biscotti, lemon tarts – to put the perfect finishing touch on your meal.

Simple, delicious recipes, creative and interesting flavors – this cookbook is sure to become a family favorite!

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