Follow along with Will Shortz, renowned New York Times crossword puzzle editor, as he introduces you to the fascinating world of crossword puzzle solving. Appealing to people from all walks of life, crossword puzzles are more than a casual pastime to avid fans. This witty and charming documentary, built around the ultimate competition in the United States, follows several people as they prepare for and compete in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament held every March.

Along the way, Wordplay looks at how crossword puzzles are designed, how the New York Times crossword becomes progressively harder Monday through Sunday and stops to talk to crossword puzzle fanatics such as Jon Stewart, Rick Burns, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. Will Shortz himself emerges as the star – smart but modest and approachable, he oversees the tournament with a sense of humor.

You don’t have to be a crossword puzzle fan yourself to enjoy with film; everyone will quickly get caught up in the drama of the competition and fascinated by the people who love crosswords. And you’ll find yourself rooting for your favorite through the tense final. You might even decide to pick up a pencil and try a puzzle yourself!

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