Turkey Notes 2018

We cannot believe it was ten years ago on this date that we published our first Turkey Note blog!

Our blog, and many Thanksgiving tables, would not be complete without this local tradition.

Our co-worker, Sarah, gave the best explanation for Turkey Notes way back in 2008. We invite you to read that original blog here.

Ten years later and the origin of Turkey Notes are still a mystery to us. We think that might just be part of the fun.

To look at more Turkey Note blogs, we invite you to search using the Keywords: Turkey Notes or Thanksgiving in our search box.

We hope you enjoy our staff donations this year and, as always, we love to hear your family traditions with Turkey Notes.

Turkey dance                                                                                                                                            Turkey clog                                                                                                                                              Turkey says                                                                                                                                “Thanks for reading this blog!”






Submitted by Pat:

Turkey red
Turkey blue
Turkey says
“I’ll get you!” 

Turkey up
Turkey down
Turkey’s eaten
all over town  

Turkey smile
Turkey frown
Turkey running
all over town

Turkey red
Turkey blue
Turkey says
“glad I’m not glue”  

Turkey frown
Turkey smile
Turkey is running
the last mile

Turkey two step
Turkey trot
Turkey’s trying
to avoid the pot

Submitted by Jill Jensen:

Turkey Chosen
And Inspected
Plumpest Turkey
Is Selected
Turkey Crated
Turkey Sent
To White House
To President
Turkey Struts
In Rose Garden
Lucky Turkey
Gets a Pardon
Poultry Lobby
Gets Some Press
Turkey Goes
To Gobbler’s Rest

Submitted by Amber: 

Turkey Agatha
Turkey Christie
Turkey says I love a good mystery.

Turkey Hogwarts
Turkey Feast
Turkey says I’m a fantastic beast!

Turkey scissors
Turkey glue
Turkey says I make do.

Turkey fold
Turkey earmark
Turkey can’t find her bookmark.

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