May the Fourth: International Firefighters Day

Geeks everywhere know what day it is. That’s right, it’s International Firefighters Day!

Did you know that Davenport, Iowa is home to the International Fire Museum?

The Museum is located in the old Hose Company No. 4 at 2301 E 11th Street in the Village of East Davenport. 

 Hose Station No. 4 was built in 1931, replacing the previous Hose Company No. 4 headquarters at 15101 E 12th Street. The Italianate style building was designed by Howard S. Muesses, architect and former Davenport city building commissioner. 

The Davenport Fire Antique & Restoration Society, founded in 1984 by members if the Davenport Fire Department, worked with the city to open the Museum in 1986.

The museum is home to artifacts, photographs, and fire-fighting memorabilia from around the world, including a 1951 Mack pumper purchased from the city of Riverdale, Iowa. 

And what’s a Firefighter’s Day without photos of firefighters posed proudly with their engines?

Subjects identified as Erwin “Red” Freese, Charles Garvey- chauffeur, Lt. Charles Hintze, Walter “Tang” Beckmann- chauffeur, Captain Don Johnston, John Ward. Identified by Cliff Beckman, a retired firefighter in 1993.

Be sure to check out the museum this weekend while you are at the 5th annual Village in Bloom Arts Festival!


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