Back to School: The return of smiling faces

Davenport High School library c. 1920

A school library in Davenport c. 1920

With school back in session after summer break, we thought we would take a look back at the excitement of the first day of school in 1907.

Schools reopened for students on September 3rd that year. The Daily Times noted in the evening edition that all fourteen public school buildings and the high school welcomed back students.

The article continued that 150 new students entered into Davenport High School making the incoming class the largest in school history. Part of the increase in numbers for the new class was thought to be related to the development of the “Commercial Course” which would provide students the chance to graduate with business skills such as bookkeeping, stenography, and business methods in addition to basic study in English, history, and math.

New Davenport High School Principal George E. Marshall, who replaced Principal Frank L. Smart (who had become Superintendent of the Davenport schools), was excited to announce that the number of books in the high school library had been expanded and a private telephone system was to be installed in each classroom. The phone would connect with the principal’s office and have a switchboard to transfer calls to the outside.

As for the other schools, The Daily Times reported many of them had been cleaned over summer break, new teachers filled classrooms where necessary, and the only school without a principal was School No. 3.

All in all, it seemed a pretty good start to the school year!

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Source: The Daily Times, September 3, 1907. Page 6.


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