Four “Helpful” Thanksgiving Menus – 1900 Style

Are you in the midst of planning your Thanksgiving feast this year? Are you thinking of adding some new dishes to the same-old, same-old holiday fare?

It appears that the urge to freshen up one’s Thanksgiving menu is nothing new—cooks were already looking for new recipes to impress their guests 114 years ago!

Ever helpful, the Davenport Daily Republican printed several suggestions for multi-course feasts on November 25, 1900—the Sunday before the holiday.

For your convenience, we’re reprinting them, in the same order and pattern as they originally appeared in the paper, but just a little earlier to give you time to assemble some of the more . . . exotic . . . ingredients.

And borrow your neighbors’ ovens.

The New England Dinner

Oyster Soup.

Boiled Halibut.                     Egg Sauce.

Chicken Pie.                          Sweet Cider.

Roast Turkey, Stuffed.

Roast Chicken.                    Boiled Chicken.

Mashed White Potatoes.                    Baked White Potatoes.

Yellow Squash.                    White Turnips.

Boiled Onions.                      Cranberry Sauce.

Celery.                   Cider.

Mince Pie.                             Cranberry Pie.

Pumpkin Pie.                        Apple Pie.

Plum Pudding.                      Wine Jelly.

Fruit.                       Assorted Nuts.


Very Inexpensive


Boiled Fish.           Sauce.

Roast Turkey.      Bread Filling.

Cranberry Sauce.

     Celery.           Mashed Potatoes.

String Beans.          Cold Slaw.

Roast Sweet Potatoes.

Tomatoes.             Pumpkin Custard Pie.

Cheese.     Nuts.     Wafers.



 From ‘Way Down South

Oysters on the Half Shell.

Clear Soup.

Custard and Spinach Blocks.

Olives.                    Celery.

Deviled Spaghetti.

Cranberry Jelly.

Sweet Potato Croquettes.

Peas served in Turnip Cups.

Ginger Sherbet.

Lettuce Salad.      Cheese Balls.

Toasted Crackers.

Plum Pudding, Hard Sauce.

Pumpkin Pie.        Coffee.

Bonbons.               Almonds.


 Turkey Stuffed With Oysters

Oysters on the Half Shell.

Cream of Celery Soup.

Roast Turkey with Oyster Stuffing.

Cranberry Sauce.                 Mashed Potatoes.

Baked Sweet Potatoes.

Spinach.                                Celery.

Chicken Salad.     Mayonnaise Dressing.

Cheese.                  Crackers.               Olives.

Pumpkin Pie.        Mince Pie.

Nuts.       Raisins.      Fruit.


No matter which menu you might choose, we have a feeling everyone at your table will leave full and thankful!

(and if you try the deviled spaghetti, let us know . . . we’re curious)

(posted by Amy D.)

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  1. Sharon says:

    ♪ Oysters on the half shell…oyster power! ♪

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