Turkey Fun Turkey Pun!

Turkey Note!It’s time to start thinking about writing those Turkey Notes again!

Don’t know what Turkey Notes are? Our best explanation for this Davenport tradition of sharing questionable poetry can be found here.

And our best staff efforts this year can be found here:

Turkey Note!3Turkey Always
Turkey Never
[Turkey says
Something clever]

Turkey Muskets
Turkey Rifles
Turkey read
Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles”

Turkey Pink
Turkey Gray
Boy, oh boy—
It’s next Thursday?!

Turkey Red
Turkey White
Turkey says
Please, don’t bite!

Turkey Quack
Turkey Moo
Turkey says
To serve tofu!

Turkey Kinged
Turkey Rooked
How do you like
Your Turkey cooked?

Turkey dull
Turkey bright
Turkey’s full
Thanksgiving night.Turkey Note!2

Turkey warm
Turkey cold
Thankful for these
Hands to hold.

Once again, we invite you to add your own verses in the comments—and to share them with your family and friends, too.


Turkey Silver
Turkey Gold
Turkey says
Turkey Notes never get old!

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