Time to Talk Turkey (Notes)

Yes, it’s that time of year, when we in SC nag request Turkey Notes from library staff and present them to you. You’re welcome!
If you aren’t aware of the Turkey Note tradition, our best explanation is here.

But honestly, all you need to know if that these things are fun—and often pun-–to write.

Here’s an assortment of the Davenport Library Staff’s best efforts this year:

Turkey feathers
Turkey warble
Turkey leftovers
In my belly tomorrow

Turkey fry
Turkey bake
Turkey ate
The pumpkin cake!

Turkey went
Turkey came
Turkey enjoyed
The football game

Turkey hen,
Turkey tom,
No one makes stuffing
Better than my mom.

Turkey frantic?
Or turkey calm?
When your deep fried turkey
Goes off like a bomb.

Turkey Ballot
Turkey Vote
Turkey wonders who created
The first Turkey Note?

Turkey Clever
Turkey Pun
Turkey Notes as children
Were loads of fun!

Turkey Navy,
Turkey Brown,
Turkey Says
Welcome to town.

Turkey hobble
Turkey gobble
Eat too much
And you will wobble.

Turkey lazy
Turkey shirky
Meanie bird’s a
Turkey jerky

Turkey waddle
Turkey flap
Rhythmic turkey,
Street bird, rap!

Turkey silver,
Turkey gold,
Platform turkey,
Disco bold!

Turkeys gobble,
Turkeys quote,
Turkeys write
Their People Notes

See? Simple!

You still have a few days to get into the Turkey Spirit—why not continue the tradition?

And, as one of our staff suggested, “Read them to your family after Thanksgiving dinner—but before pie, so they can’t get away! It’s fun!”

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