One hundred years ago: Davenport High School, Class of 1911

In June of this year, around 970 students graduated from our three Davenport high schools.

In contrast, ninety-two students received their diplomas from Davenport High School in June of 1911. This marked the first time that graduates from both semesters were placed in a single class.

At the time, the high school offered four different courses of study: Latin (for students who wished to pursue an academic course at college), Science (for students who desired to enter a technical school/college, or for those who wished full work in science and math), German (much like the Latin course, but with four years of German) and Commercial (preparation for business pursuits).

Some of the graduates were later photographed by J. B. Hostetler in the 1910s, and we were able to locate their portraits in our Photograph Collection.  Here, then, are a few of the lovely ladies of the class of 1911:

Velma Delano, daughter of Isaac and Martha Delano, was a graduate of the Latin Course. She married Alvin Anderson in Scott County on March 21, 1917.

Velma F. Delano

Velma Delano, ca. 1914


Helen Grace Mosenfelder, daughter of Eli and Millie Mosenfelder, graduated from the Latin Course. She married Rueben Wines in Scott County on January 15, 1915.

Helen Grace Mosenfelder

Helen Mosenfelder, ca. 1910


Helen Josephine Kohn, daughter of Max and Julia Kohn, also graduated from the Latin Course. She married David Gottlieb in Scott County on April 8, 1913.

Helen Josephine Kohn

Helen Kohn, ca. 1913


Clara Louise Hass, daughter of John and Emma Hass, graduated from the German Course. She married Walter Kruse in Scott County on June  2, 1917.

Clara Louise Hass

Clara L. Hass, ca. 1912


And Jennica Guldner, daughter of Fred and Christina Guldner, graduated from the Commercial Course. She Married Clarence E. Stage in Scott County on February 6, 1915.

Jennica Olive Guldner

Jennica Guldner, ca. 1915


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  1. Holly says:

    Wow, those were some gorgeous photos! It is neat to see what the fashions were for that time.

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