The Weekly Outlook: Poetry and Politics

The People…are reading what?
The people are reading THE WEEKLY OUTLOOK why?
…Because it is a cheerful prophet, and they are weary of gloom.
Because it chronicles the good rather than the bad.
Because it is one of the handsomest, brightest, cleanest periodicals published.
…As a flyer we will send THE WEEKLY OUTLOOK to any address, from this date, to the first of January for 50 cents in any kind of money.
…Get the fun of the campaign.
Get the social, intellectual, musical and dramatic history of the tri-cities.
Get THE WEEKLY OUTLOOK, published every Saturday by The Outlook Publishing Co.
Room 69, McManus Building, Davenport.  Telephone 450.
—THE WEEKLY OUTLOOK –  Page 12,  8 August 1896


Literary genius? You decide. The same page also printed a poem that originated in the New Orleans Picayune entitled

“The Summer Girl”.
The blossoming flower droops its blushing head;
The towering mountain fain a tear would shed;
The beaming sun doth shrink behind a cloud,
And roaring waves forbear to roar aloud.
The brain of all mankind is in a whirl,
For now appears the dashing summer girl.

The Hon. Henry Vollmer, Mayor of Davenport is this week’s spotlighted citizen; a fine portrait of him wearing a stylish bow tie graces page one. Perhaps he was one of the first to subscribe to THE WEEKLY OUTLOOK! It appears it is election time again, and although young Vollmer has held the job for four years, he has fallen out of favor; except with Editor Banks who editorializes that “Perhaps there is no other man in the city, except myself, who would have been so successful under such trying circumstances as has been Mr. Henry Vollmer.”

Banks states Vollmer has created the offices of city electrician and plumbing inspector, revised and republished the city ordinances, reorganized the police and fire departments to meet the demands of modern times, and made great progress within the city by paving nine of the City’s thirteen miles during his administration.  Just to put that into perspective, the Duck Creek Parkway and Bike Path is currently 13.5 miles in length from Davenport’s Emeis Park to Devil’s Glen Park in Bettendorf…now that’s progress!

IN AND OUT OF TOWN on page 7 announces C. A. Ficke and family are expected to arrive home from their European trip next week, having been absent about six months visiting leading points of interest in Europe and the Orient. “That they were in Egypt the people of this city are well aware because of the mummy sent by Mr. Ficke to the Academy of Science several months ago.”

So the next time you go to the Putnam Museum and view the mummy exhibit, just remember that you read it here first!!

[by Karen O.]

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