We Salute Our Volunteers!



Yesterday, the Davenport Public Library gave a reception to thank library volunteers for all that they do.  Those volunteers who could attend included many of the wonderful people who help our Special Collections Center .



What do Special Collections volunteers do?   What don’t they do?

Some cover the desk, answer phones, assist patrons, and work on research requests, and generally keep things running smoothly for several hours a week so our staff can  to concentrate on behind-the-scenes projects.  Other volunteers concentrate on several of those projects with us, painstakingly going through each resource (that’s books, newspapers and microfilm) line by line,  indexing and then entering data.  And a few of them do it all!

So here’s to the wonderful people who spend their spare time helping us help you!  We couldn’t run the Center (or take the time to blog) without you!



Amy G. and the Special Collections volunteers who attended the reception.
This group represents about half of the total number of marvelous people who help in our department!

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