A Flood of Images

In honor of this year’s flooding (which surprised us as much as anyone), we pulled a few of our images of Floods Past from our Historical Photograph Collections for your enjoyment:

 The 1940s:

This photos were taken during the same flood in the early 1940s.  There were three to choose from: ’43, ’43, or ’44.


High and dry in the sky . . . until we land.

This aerial photo was taken from an airplane above the west end of Davenport.

The Mississippi come up to say Hello!

This image shows the river slowly creeping over the levy into LeClaire Park.


Watch out for the water hazard!

Credit Island Gold Course shrank to several holes less than the full 18 as the water rose higher.



The flood of 1965 was called the “Flood of the Century” and the “Great Flood,” at least until 1993 came along.

Aerial River Drive East Flood, 1965

Robin Hood Island

The Robin Hood Flour Mills were surrounded by the Mississippi River in the spring of 1965.


When escaping a flood, always remember to turn off the lights before leaving.

A lone figure wades back towards Robin Hood Flour in this river-level view.


 Municipal Swimming Pool

A rooftop view of the efforts to keep Davenport on the shallow end.


Hey–your pumping truck is in a No Parking Zone!

Eagle Signal  does a valiant job of keeping 736 Federal Street from going under.


Our friend the sandbag.

The 700 block of Federal Street shows that floods don’t always win.


Stay tuned–we will share more of our historical images in future posts!

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