Why we can’t we get some of your favorite eBooks for download on WILBOR (Overdrive)

While working at the reference desk, the librarians at the Davenport Public Library have many questions from patrons about the titles and authors that are available through our eBook catalog, WILBOR.  Did you know there are many titles that are not available as eBooks for library patrons?  Locked bookDo you also know that we cannot buy eBooks from many of the biggest publishers because they refuse to sell or license eBooks to libraries?  We want to offer as many eBooks as we can to our patrons, however the publishers’ policies are preventing us from doing so.

A library, unlike a regular person, cannot pay Amazon or Barnes and Noble for an eBook and then lend it out to our patrons.  To provide digital rights management (the thing that keeps pirates from pirating the eBook file) we have to pay a third party vendor, Overdrive, to purchase our eBooks.  Our purchasing power is diminishing in the digital world, meaning we can’t get certain titles for you at all, or we can’t afford to buy all the titles we should have available.

Please know that the Davenport Public Library is committed to advocating for a change to these policies!

Below is a listing of a few publishers who currently refuse to sell eBooks to libraries or only provide a limited number of titles:

-Macmillan Publishers

-Simon & Schuster

-Hachette Book Group