Moving Meditation

There was a lot to be impressed by when watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics last week, not the least of which was the sight of 2008 tai chi masters performing in perfect unison.

Practiced by millions of people around the world, tai chi, a traditional Chinese martial art, is reported to have many health benefits including stress management, improving balance, coordination and flexibility, and strengthening the connection between the body’s muscular system, circulation and breath. Classified as a “soft” martial art, its sequence of slow, relaxed movements can be performed by people of all ages on a daily basis.

For an introduction to tai chi, or to improve your practice, check out the following books and DVDs from the Davenport library.

Tai Chi for Every Body: Easy, Low-impact Exercises for Every Age by Eva Koskuba

Tai Chi: a Practical Introduction by Paul Crompton

Tai Chi Walking: a Low-impact Path to Better Health by Robert Chuckrow

Tai Chi for Busy People (videorecording)

Tai Chi Fundamentals (videorecording)