Summertime and the Grilling is Easy

Summer is here at last which means it’s the perfect time to grill. Looking for some inspiration for something a little more interesting than burgers and bratz? Check out some of the new grilling books at the Davenport Library!

Latin Grilling by Lourdes Castro – From the steamy jungles of the Yucatán to the verdant valleys along the Andes, Latin Grilling goes beyond typical barbecue fare and familiar Mexican and Tex-Mex standards to present more than 90 recipes that showcase the diversity of Latin American cooking. Acclaimed cooking teacher Lourdes Castro takes you on a culinary tour of the Americas with ten fiestas featuring authentic Latin flavors tailored for home cooking and backyard grilling.

The Japanese Grill by Tadashi Ono – Packed with fast-and-easy recipes, versatile marinades, and step-by-step techniques, The Japanese Grill will have you grilling amazing steaks, pork chops, salmon, tomatoes, and whole chicken, as well as traditional favorites like yakitori, yaki onigiri, and whole salt-packed fish.

Deen Bros Get Fired Up by Jamie Deen – Over 125 recipes for the beginner to the expert, The Deen Brothers offer something for everyone. There’s lots of basics to get you started, with plenty of fresh new twists to keep things interesting, all served up with lots of Southern flavor.

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