Online Reading Challenge – Mid-Month Check

Hello Fellow Challengers!

How is your reading going this month? Have you had any luck finding a great book about Medicine?

I have a confession to make. I’ve read not one but two books already this month! Ha! (I actually finished the second one on January 6!) “Overachiever” is not a word people usually associate with me, and don’t expect this to happen every (or any other!) month but this time I found two can’t-put-down books. And the month is only half over – maybe I’ll find another!

If you’re struggling to find the right book, or are short on time this month, why not try a television show movie? (Yes, movies are allowed!) Here’s a selection of movies and television shows that might interest you.

The Big Sick

Grey’s Anatomy

The Good Doctor



There are lots more – medical dramas are always popular. Stop by any Davenport Library location and browse the selection!

7 thoughts on “Online Reading Challenge – Mid-Month Check

  1. A new year, a new challenge! I love the categories this year – so many ways to go with each. This month I started reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova, which isn’t so much about medicine as it is mental health. It’s good, but I’m struggling with it. I want it to be nonfiction. Now, I knew going in that it was a novel, but as I’m reading I want to know which elements are true to life and which may be sensationalized. The fact that the author based the novel on the experiences of her grandmother does help. I found another title on the library new book shelves, Wendy Mitchell’s Somebody I Used to Know, that looks like it might be a first person account. I might switch over, or read both and compare!

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to this year’s Challenge, Angie! I think Still Alice would be a tough read – I’ll be interested to hear if you finished it. Good luck! And thanks for joining us on the Challenge!

  3. Just finished The Immortial Life of Henrietta Lacks and am starting The Midwife! Love Call the Midwife on PBS so this will be a quick read for me.

  4. Hello all! Just curious, Ann – what were those two “couldn’t put down” books? They sound intriguing. I guess I could check back at the notes from the beginning of the month, but straight- up asking here was easier than sleuthing around the blog and such (I’m tech lazy)!

  5. Hi Lin! The two books I read were “My Name is Mary Sutter” by Robin Oliviera (as planned) and “The Winter Soldier” by Daniel Mason (my bonus title!) I’ll write more about them in the January wrap-up on the 31st. Thanks for following along! Ann

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