Better Off Ted

Another television series cancelled too soon, Better Off Ted center around the Research and Development department of a giant, evil coropration called Veridian Dynamics.  Its common practices include freezing an employee and trying to convince him not to sue, attempting to create products like synthetic meat, and covering up products that have unexpected negative side effects (like perfume).  The main character and narrator is Ted, the beloved head of the department who is often left struggling with what to do with his company’s outlandish requests.    Ted is also coming to terms with his feelings for new co-worker and the show’s moral compass Linda despite his brief fling with his ice-cold supervisor Veronica, played by scene-stealing Portia de Rossi.

The show is certainly unusual,  with its heavy satire and frequent breaking of the fourth wall by Ted speaking directly to the viewers.  But fans of Arrested Development (another show cancelled before its time) will enjoy this unique and often hilarious series.  It lasted for two seasons, and so far only the first has been released on DVD.  I’m still anxiously awaiting the release of season two, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

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