Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies and Alison Leslie Gold

So much has been written about Anne Frank and her two years hidden in the Secret Annex during World War II, but little has been written about the woman who hid the family, Miep Gies.  Anne Frank Remembered, by Miep Gies and Alison Leslie Gold, tells the story of the woman who not only helped the family to survive in hiding, but was also the person who discovered Anne’s diary after the family was arrested.

The book begins with Miep’s own desperate childhood in Vienna during World War I and how she was sent to the Netherlands with many other Viennesse children in order to live with families who could temporarily take care of them.  Years later, Miep decides to stay in Amsterdam after accepting a secretarial job with a company who produced kits so women could make jellies and jams from the comfort of their home – her new boss was a man named Otto Frank.  Her recollections of meeting his family, especially Anne, are charming and the long friendship she shared with the Frank family is vividly recalled.

The book follows the progression of World War II and the eventual occupation of the Netherlands.  Even though this story is one that has been written about frequently, Miep’s first hand account of the lives of the Frank’s and their friends is an invaluable historical story.  The co-author, Alison Leslie Gold, wanted to capture Ms. Gies and her husband’s own thoughts and remembrances – the first edition of the book was published when Ms. Gies was nearly 80 years old.  She died this past January at the age of 100.

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  1. I am an author of a poetry book based on Anne’s diary, Being Frank with Anne. In my journey with this book, I had it reviewed by Buddy Elias, Anne’s first cousin and I actually got a copy signed by Miep Gies before she passed away at age 100. When I received the book in an envelope from the Netherlands, I ripped into it. I had contacted her by email and was greatly surprised when she answered back, asking for a copy of the book and the CD of the abridged version. I sent her 3 books, one of which she signed and sent back to me. What an honor to have come in contact with this brave woman. I also contacted Meredith Bernstein, the agent ot Anne Frank Remembered, and she was interested in my book, asking for a copy as well. Anne Frank Remembered is a great book and based on a subject that is very dear to my heart as well.

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