Best Sellers Club is now Simply Held!

Best Sellers Club is now Simply Held, a service that automatically places you on hold for authors, celebrity picks, nonfiction picks, and fiction picks. Choose any author, celebrity pick, fiction pick, and/or nonfiction pick and The Library will put the latest title on hold for you automatically. Select as many as you want! Still have questions? Click here for a list of FAQs.

Fiction Additions

  • Isabel Allende
  • Louise Erdrich
  • Lisa Jewell
  • James McBRide
  • Mary Monroe
  • Lisa See
  • Karin Slaughter
  • Colson Whitehead

Mystery Additions

  • Walter Mosley
  • Louise Penny

Romance Additions (the below are only available in regular print)

  • Jasmine Guillory
  • Helen Hoang
  • Beverly Jenkins