Happy National Library Week!

Why not celebrate by getting a library card, or renewing the one you have?

 And while you’re doing that, why not take a look around? 

Ask the librarians a few questions that have been bugging you–we love it when you do that;

Flip through a few books, browse the periodicals, and take some home with you (“Hey!  They have Ancestry Magazine!”);

Scan the DVD and music sections (“They have the PBS Jazz series–this one is on Bix Beiderbecke!”);

Drop by a few programs and sign up for others (“A Genealogy Night–too cool!”);

Log onto the Internet and check out your favorite blog or website (“Can these people make old stuff fun, or what?”);

And spend the rest of the day in the Genealogy and Local History department (“Microfilmed newspapers!  Genealogies!  County Histories!  Photographs!  Maps! And all the Miscellaneous I could ever hope for!”).

Thank you for your support!

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