Winter Fashion: Mrs. Therese Krouse

Mrs. J. E. Krouse. DPL Volume 47 dplx426A.

We found this delightful image of Therese (Steffen) Krouse taken about 1910 that reminded us of winter. Taisy, as she was nicknamed, was married to John Edwin Krouse who was President of the Davenport Pearl Button Company.

Mrs. Krouse was in her mid-30s when this photo was taken at the Hostetler Studio in Davenport. Besides the fur draped over her shoulders, the most noticeable fashion piece is the bunch of grapes adorning her hat.

Born May 8, 1874 in Davenport, Therese died here on February 1, 1990. She outlived her husband by 39 years and had no children. She was survived by her nieces and nephews.

We can only imagine that the hat was not worn outside on very windy days!

(posted by Amy D.)

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