A Little Special Collections Poem for Gift Ideas

Special Collections is here to help with some last-minute gift ideas!

[Santa Claus Advertisement]. The Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, IA) Dec. 22, 1942, page12.

For the ladies in your life, handy home tools might be a hit.

A. J. Smith & Son Advertisement

But, something more personal might be a better fit.

Teens are tough, but technology is good!

Every teen loves great tech. If they don’t, they sure should.

A guy needs man stuff for work and for play.

And something to enjoy at the end of the day.

For kiddies, new toys will bring them joy.

And two-wheels are welcomed by both girls and boys.

There’s something for everyone, if only you look.

To get last-minute shoppers off of the hook.

The latest and greatest for you they will thank.

Especially if they don’t have to fill up the tank.

So now you are set. The end is in sight…

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