Mujeres Latinas: The García Sisters & Their Friends

This snapshot of 4 teenage girls was taken in the Cook’s Point neighborhood in Davenport around 1942. It is part of accession #2016-39 Cook’s Point and Fichtner Family Image Collection, 1913-1950. Photo identification is written in the back in blue ink “L-R: D. Vargas, N. Garcia, Lupe Herrera, M. Garcia.”

D. Vargas, N. García, Lupe Herrera, and M. García at Cook’s Point, ca. 1942

We wanted to know more about these girls and share this with you in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month. We’re not completely certain if the girl on the right is Margaret or Mary, so we looked up information for both.

Dolores Vargas

Dolores Rita Vargas was born on July 19, 1926, to José “Joseph” and Esperanza “Hope” (Pérez) Vargas. The family lived at 640 South Howell St. in Cook’s Point. She graduated 8th grade at St. Anthony’s parochial school in 1942. Sadly, Dolores was shot and died on June 6, 1945.

The Davenport Democrat and Leader, Thursday, June 7, 1945, p.9

Narcisa (García) Segura

Narcissa Jesús García was born on October 29, 1924 in Sibley, Minnesota to José “Joseph” García and Leonor (Quijas) García. She graduated from Frank L. Smart Jr. High in 1940. She studied industrial sewing at the National Youth Administration Center, 1220 Minnie Ave. Davenport, in 1942. She married Nicolás “Nicholas” Segura on October 6, 1945, at St. Alphonsus Church in Davenport. The couple lived in Rock Falls, IL. Narcissa Segura died Nov 7, 2014, in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Davenport Democrat and Leader, Sunday, April 19, 1942 p.32

Lupe (Castro) Herrera

Lupe Castro was born on December 13, 1923, to José and Jessie María (Delgado) Castro. The family lived at 2317 Grant Street in Bettendorf. She graduated from Immaculate Conception Academy in Davenport in 1942. Lupe married Marcelino “Marshall” Herrera in June 1942 in Bettendorf. She worked at Mercy Hospital in Davenport. Lupe Herrera died on January 30, 2003, in Davenport.

Mary (García) Rocha

Mary García was born October 7, 1926 to Joseph and Leonor (Quijas Pineda) García in Davenport. She was baptized at St. Alphonsus Chuch on November 21, 1926. Mary married Alex Rocha on November 8, 1952, in Davenport. She worked as a seamstress at Seaford Clothing in Rock Island, retiring in 1982. Mary Rocha died April 21, 1993, at the Kahl Home for the Aged in Davenport.

Margaret (García) Ulloa

Margaret Mary García was born on December 5, 1922, in Omaha, Nebraska to José “Joseph” and Leonor (Quijas) García. She graduated from Frank L. Smith Jr. High in 1939. Margaret married Joseph A. Ulloa on April 6, 1945, in Davenport. She worked at Davenshire and Bettendorf Schools. Margaret died October 14, 2006, at the Kahl Home in Davenport.

For more information on Cook’s Point, Holy City, LULAC Council 10, and the history of Mexican Americans in Davenport and Iowa check out the Iowa Women’s Archives’ Mujeres Latinas Digital Collection and their Migration is Beautiful digital scholarship project.

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