Reading Colors Your World: Colorized Postcards

This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is Reading Colors Your World.

We found some beautifully colorized postcards in our collection and thought it would be interesting to compare them to the black & white versions of the same image. We also discovered that WordPress has a new way of displaying images that allows you to compare photos in a fun and easy way.

Click and drag the button in the middle of each image to swipe between black & white and color!

Public Library, Davenport, Iowa – Libraries PC005 [1915] and PC010 [n.d.]
Benevolent Order of Elks club house – Buildings PC106 [1914] and PC107 [n.d.]
St. Luke’s Hospital, Davenport, Iowa – PC006 [1910] and PC007 [n.d.]
Mercy Hospital, Davenport, Iowa – Hospitals PC004 [1911] and PC013 [n.d.]
St. Katharine’s from the East, Davenport, Iowa – Schools PC005 [1908] and PC006 [1908]
St. Katharine’s Hall, Davenport, Iowa – Schools PC009 [1908] and PC010 [n.d.]
The Outing Club – Buildings PC054 [1907] and PC056 [1908]
Rustic Bridge, Central Park, Davenport, Iowa – Parks-V V PC011 [1907] and PC012 [n.d.]
American Legion Post No. 26 – Buildings PC003 [n.d.] and PC068 [n.d.]
First Presbyterian Church, Davenport, Iowa – Churches PC024 [1903] and PC025 [1910]
Masonic Temple – Buildings PC021 [n.d.] and PC022[1912]

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DPL Postcard Collection

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