Iowa will celebrate the 175th anniversary of statehood this winter on December 28, 1846!

Our department has been trying to spread the word and bring attention to the event in some small ways. We have been posting little bits of Iowa History Trivia Tidbits on the Twenty-Ninth of each month, capitalizing on Iowa being the 29th state to join the Union.

We’ve gotten a little corny with our social media!

We welcomed a new book club:  https://davenportlibrary.libcal.com/event/7456287

We are reaching out to the young historians with cool activities planned by Goldie’s Kids Club: https://iowaculture.gov/goldie/at-home-expeditions

Did you realize that Davenport became a city ten years before Iowa became a state?

Did you know that in 1846 Davenport’s population was about 1,000?

“Buffalo Bill” Cody was born in Scott County in 1846, so he would be 175 years old today!

1846 also brought a plow factory started by Mr. Bechtel, the first steam flouring mill opened by A.C. Fulton and a Board of Trustees for Iowa College was chosen. So much going on so very early!

There is so much to explore about Davenport’s and Iowa’s history. Be sure to follow us on social media and give us some “Iowa Love”!  Stay tuned for more #Iowa175 fun at the library!!

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