National Handwriting Day: January 23, 2020

To celebrate National Handwriting Day, we thought we would share handwriting samples from the early years of the City of Davenport.

Not only are handwritten documents from the city historically important, but we enjoy the different styles of handwriting shown through the years.

Collection 2004-42 – City Council Minutes – Council Book 1839 – 1850. This is the first page of City Council minutes for the town of Davenport.
City Council Minutes – Box 1843 – 1859. Written in the 1840s, this document outlines how ordinances would be presented and voted on during city council meetings.
City Council Minutes – Box 1843 – 1859. Even election results were written out. These are the official results from the city election of 1842 held on April 16th.
City Council Minutes – Box 1843 – 1859. Request from Antoine LeClaire to pay the City Marshal (our records indicate Jared N. Snow was Marshal 1843 – 1844) $14.00 in April 1844.
City Council Minutes – Box 1843 – 1859.Request from Mayor James Bowling to pay John Evans for work done in October and early November 1848.
City Council Minutes – Box 1843 – 1859. Payments for work done for the city in October 1857.
City Council Minutes – Box 1843 – 1859. The first of seven pages outlining the creation of the Davenport Fire Department. Written 1857.

We hope you enjoyed these samples from our collection. We only wish we could have handwritten this blog for you!

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