Friends Forever: Buchanan School Graduates 1916

The month of May is passing quickly this year and – as usual – the end of school is suddenly upon us. For many, this will include the excitement of high school graduation.

We wanted to take a moment to remember when the excitement of graduation for many in Davenport was graduating from 8th grade. For many students in the early 1900s, 8th grade graduation marked the end of their school experience.

While some students would continue on to Davenport High School, others would start work, join the family farm, apprentice for a career, or become helpers at home.

One can only imagine the future ahead for the 8th grade graduating class of Buchanan School one hundred years ago.


Ramona Cheney Tulloch (middle row, far left), daughter of Burton Henry Cheney and Anna Susan Moore


Accession #2015-04 Donated by Diane Sears Brigode

First Row L to R:
Erwin Mangels
Edward Britt
Anna Storck
Frieda Moeller
Lester Grapengeter
Hugo Johannsen

Middle Row:
Romala Cheney
Leona Welzenbach
Wesley Peterson
Anna Mittlebusher
John Reimer
Olga Lundvall
Lulu Schroeder

Alta Wunder
Walter Beuse
John Sparbel
Hazel Cissell

Friends Forever of Buchanan
Jan 1916
No. 14 Buchanan School
6th & Oak St.
Davenport, Iowa

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