Going Local for African-American History Month 2016

Delve into the rich history of the African-American community in Davenport with these resources available from the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center:

Oral Histories

An oral history of the Black population of Davenport, Iowa. Davenport, Iowa : Palmer Junior College, c1979. SC 305.8 Wil

Life narratives of African Americans in Iowa. Chicago, IL : Arcadia, c2001. SC 977.7 Lif. Davenporters Calvin Mason and Bernice M. Jones are included in this collection of 20th century experiences recounted by African-American Iowans from across the state.

Iowa Stories 2000. RSSCC Archives and Manuscript Collection #2005-02. Oral history interviews of L.A. Broyles, LaVerne Dixon, Bernice Jones, Robert Norville, Mary Ann Shurlock, Shirley & Franklin Powell, Benjamin Watson, and Elisha Williams recorded by intermediate school students in the Davenport Community School District as part of a project under Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack’s millennial-year literacy initiative.

Archival Materials

RSSCC Archives and Manuscript Collection #2007-11. [Photocopy of] Davenport [Iowa] Branch Files, 1915-1939, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-1999. Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress. Washington, D.C.

Research by Craig R. Klein of Scott Community College

Klein, Craig R. Between community and class: the Black experience in early twentieth century Davenport, Iowa. [Davenport, IA] : C.R. Klein, 1998. SC 305.968 Kle

Klein, Craig R. African American Churches and Fraternal Organizations in Davenport, Iowa, 1867-1920 Davenport, Iowa. [Davenport, Iowa: C. Klein, 200-?]. SC 305.896 Kle

Klein, Craig R. Tri-City Emancipation holidays, 1865-1917. [Davenport, Iowa: C. Klein, 200-?]. SC 305.896 Kle

Blog Posts by Special Collections Staff

Davenporters of Note:  Cecile Cooper http://wp.me/pcczi-TK

Davenporters of Note: Charles William Toney http://wp.me/pcczi-1mF

Davenporters of Note: Milton Howard http://wp.me/pcczi-T

History’s Mysteries : General Houston, parts 1-4 http://wp.me/pcczi-X, http://wp.me/pcczi-Zhttp://wp.me/pcczi-11, http://wp.me/pcczi-13

The Colored School Controversy http://wp.me/pcczi-18

Publications on African-American History in Iowa that include information about Davenport

Barnes, Charline J. Iowa’s Black legacy. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Pub., 2000. SC 305.896 Bar

Bergmann, Leola Marjorie. The Negro in Iowa. Iowa City: State Historical Society of Iowa, 1969. SC 301.45 BER

Outside in : African-American history in Iowa, 1838-2000. Des Moines: State Historical Society of Iowa, 2001. SC 977.7 Out

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