SO CUTE!! Vintage Fejervary Petting Zoo Photos

Mother Goose is once again welcoming children at Fejervary Park.

The City of Davenport Parks & Recreation Department will be hosting Family Fun Days at Fejervary Learning Center on the third Saturday of the month. Upcoming dates are July 18, August 15, September 19 and October 17. They feature family activities including a petting zoo, bounce houses and games.

Mother Goose Land at Fejervary Zoo opened in 1953 and closed in 1979.

These adorable photos came from the City of Davenport Leisure Services & Facilities (now called Parks & Recreation) and are part of our Archive & Manuscript Collections.

Even though the Old West town, Monkey Island, and fairy tale exhibits are no longer; Mother Goose still stands in the beautiful park waiting to greet today’s young visitors.


Entrance to children’s zoo at Fejervary Park [ca.1950’s]


Three children and fawn, calico [May 1956]


Four girls and ducks by castle in Fejervary Park [ca.1950’s]


Boy holding raccoon [ca. 1950’s]


People watching ducks by castle in Fejervary Park [ca. 1950’s]


Children petting donkey at Fejervary Park [May 1958]

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4 Responses to SO CUTE!! Vintage Fejervary Petting Zoo Photos

  1. Donna says:

    These photos bring back such wonderful memories. I loved going to Mother Goose Land. It’s a terrible shame that the city let it deteriorate and then demolished it. I would certainly welcome seeing more photos of this once enchanting place.

  2. Jeff Scott says:

    Wonderful memories, even though I was only about 5 when last there. I remember entering through Mother Goose into an (seemed large to a five year old) area of animals and exhibits. My mom and I would picnic in the park area and watch the monkeys on the island. It would be wonderful if anyone with pictures would organize a picture board so others could also post the pictures they have. It would be a nice way to preserve the memories of this iconic piece of Davenport history.

  3. Diane Westerman says:

    What happened to Diane Westerman and Carol Stancil’s pictures? They were uploaded to this site and now they are gone?

    • SCblogger says:

      Thank you for your question Diane. We only post pictures from the collections of the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Department on this blog site and have not received any pictures submitted from readers. We know there are several sites that post pictures from Fejervary on the internet including Facebook and believe you may have downloaded photos to another site. We wish you luck on your search and we are sure they are wonderful pictures!

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