Just Shelved: Quad-City Times Newspaper Index to Social Events

One of the first things a genealogist learns is how to find obituaries, which usually appear in the local newspapers within two or three days after the date of death, if the deceased was a current resident.

One of the second things a genealogist learns is how frustrating it can be to find marriage announcements and other social events, which can appear in local newspapers months afterward, or even before the date of the event.

And as much as we love microfilm, it doesn’t make it any easier on the eyes or the carpal tunnel to go through months and months of newspapers page-by-page.

But Pat Scott and Sandy Luse of the Scott County, Iowa Genealogy Society, have solved this problem for those of us trying to search the Quad-City Times between 1994 and 1999.  They’ve gathered and indexed all those elusive marriage, engagement, and anniversary announcements  published during that time period—they even gathered birthday announcements:

Volume 1: Marriages, 1994-1996 (alphabetical by groom)

Volume 2: Marriages, 1994-1996 (alphabetical by bride)

Volume 3: Birthdays, 1994-1996

Volume 4: Marriages, 1996-1999 (alphabetical by groom)

Volume 5: Marriages, 1996-1999 (alphabetical by bride)

Volume 6: Birthdays and Miscellaneous Events, 1996-1999

This six volume set (located under 977.769 QUAD CIT) is an incredible time saver—and as all the listings include the full date of the original event whenever available, it’s an important informational resource all by itself.

We can’t thank Ms. Scott and Ms. Luse enough for all their hard work—and we can’t wait to start using the amazing results of their labor!

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