Turkey Notes: a four-line Davenport tradition

It’s Thanksgiving Week!*

Some of our readers already know about The Turkey Note tradition, either because your family writes them, your children write them in school, you make children write them in school, or you caught our previous posts about them.

If you are not among those readers in the know, our best explanation is here.

And this year’s best staff efforts are here:

Turkey clumsy
Turkey adroit
Cheer for the Packers
To beat Detroit!

Turkey Red
Turkey White
Turkey didn’t get one bite!

Turkey run,
Turkey flop.
Turkey up early,
So he can shop!

Turkey purple,
Turkey orange,
Turkey says,
. . . What rhymes with orange?

Turkey Me
Turkey You
Leftovers in sandwiches
And turkey stew!

Turkey lemon
Turkey yellow
Jazzy turkey
Plays the cello

Turkey Pepsi
Turkey Coke
Our family likes its turkey smoked!

Turkey silver
Turkey copper
Bargain turkey
Black Friday shopper

Turkey lime
Turkey mint
Turkey’s book is out of print

Turkey First
Turkey Last
Turkey suggests we all just fast.

Turkey blue
Turkey red
Turkey wishes he was back in bed


Why not share the Turkey Joy and make up your own Notes?     You’re invited to share your best (or worst) ones in the comments.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


* Or as we like to call it in Special Collections, Chasing Down Co-Workers and Nagging Them Until They Write Their Annual Turkey Notes Week

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2 Responses to Turkey Notes: a four-line Davenport tradition

  1. Born & raised in Davenprt, Iowa, we did turkey notes for years. I’ve introduced them to my Arizona relatives and they cause lots of laughter. I LOVE have all this history about them.

    My Dad’s business was Carthey Pertroleum. You may remember it. 5th & Pershing; 4th & Pershing; Rockingham Rd. Ahhh, memories!

  2. Teresa says:

    Only have one thing to say Joanne
    Turkey red
    Turkey Blue
    Turkey says
    “I love you”

    Thanks for reminding me of the simpler life we all might remember…
    Teree aka Momma T

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