Now, about those flying cars . . .

 All aboard!  Please fasten your seatbelts. Buckle up!  Lift off!

If you are traveling to another city, state, or country by land or air—or if you’re even one of the chosen few to travel though space—you have to have vehicle transportation (no Stargates yet!).

While you are traveling along, ever wonder what material makes up your ride, or where it comes from?

In this modern age, aluminum is definitely involved—and most of it probably came from the Aluminum Corporation of America, better known as Alcoa.  And of that amount, some of it probably came from Alcoa’s Davenport Works.

The Davenport Works plant cost thirty million dollars to build, according the Davenport Times of  May 23,1946. That would be about $ 350,000,000 (CPI)  in today’s economy. The groundbreaking was in July 1946 on 453 acres of what used to be onion and corn fields, as well as residential and commercial property.  

All the way from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to Iowa, many minds and hands were involved to bring Alcoa here.  The Davenport Works plant has given jobs and lifted the quality of life for many, many people.

May they always continue to be one of our best employers and neighbors.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Past..present…future.Aluminum is really an indispensable material in our world especially in our technological era. terrafugia transition, a car and airplane rolled into one, is also made of aluminum materials.

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