Flood of Images: the West End Perspective

As we keep a watchful eye on the river levels around here, it might be interesting to look back at the last  few times it rose up to shake hands with Davenport.

Here are a some of our favorite flooding images from the west side of the city:


The river made a parking lot out of streets in 1993 . . .

. . . and lakes out of  parking lots in 2001.









For two years running, gazebos were islands unto themselves . . .

.  . . and playgrounds required a snorkel.


1993 might have caught us flatfooted (though the telephone poles were an inspiration to us all). . .

But by 2001, we finally got the hang of sandbags.

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2 Responses to Flood of Images: the West End Perspective

  1. Kay says:

    Do you have any pictures of the 1965 flood?

    • SCblogger says:

      Thank you for your comment, Kay. We do have a few photos from the 1965 flood on the blog. Please visit A Flood of Images posted on April 28, 2008 at https://blogs2.davenportlibrary.com/sc/?p=113.

      If you type the word Flood into our Search For: engine you will be able to find a few blogs with flood photos over the years.

      We do have more photos from the 1965 flood in our Special Collections department, as well, that patrons may view.

      We hope we won’t need to add 2011 flood photos in the future!

      Amy D.

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