Mapping History

The City of Davenport is justifiably proud of its historic districts, which number among the oldest in Iowa.  Visitors often stop in at the library for information on the myriad houses and sites that the National Park Service has placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Thanks to the City, that information is not only easily available, but all mapped out in a series of beautifully photographed brochures.

We currently have “folding tour guides” for the following historic districts:

#2: Oak Lane—this unique district was meant for leisurely Sunday drives

#5: Bridge Avenue—nine historically significant homes in a one-block area

#6:  Prospect Park—Davenport annexed this neighborhood in 1851; find out why!

#7:  The Village of East Davenport—the small town within the city

#8:  McClellan Heights— lovely view, lovely homes, and more history than you can imagine

#9: Vander Veer Park—The place to be at the dawn of the twentieth century

#10:  Columbia Avenue— if you like Tudor Revival, this is the district for you!

 #12:  Riverview Terrace—the name doesn’t quite say it all

 #16: Cork Hill— the predominantly Irish neighborhood around Sacred Heart Cathedral

 #17: College Square—the most educated site in the city

So if you’re visiting Davenport—or just want to know more about your own backyard—why not stop by the library and pick up a handful of historic districts?

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