It’s Turkey Note Time!

It’s that special time of year when the leaves turn beautiful, the weather turns ugly, and those new to our fair city turn to our Special Collections Center for information about Turkey Notes

Our standard explanation is here.

And once again, our staff would like to offer some of the very best Turkey Notes to our readers . . . but we came up with these instead:

Turkey Jade
Turkey Jasper
There’s football on—
Could you eat faster?

Turkey Read
Turkey See
Turkey says
We’ll help with your family tree.

Turkey short,
Turkey long
Turkey needs an article
On Louis Armstrong

Turkey Moon
Turkey Sun
Don’t sit there, Turkey—
Run, run, run!

Turkey Angel
Turkey Champ
Turkey says
Was your ancestor a scamp?

Turkey washed.
Turkey dried.
Turkey dropped a dish
And cried.

If you’d like to add your own efforts to the comments, we’d love to see them!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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