Just Shelved: Germans, Canadians, and Iowans–Oh, My!

We are now the proud owners of volume 25 and 26 of Kevin M. Hansen’s Map Guide to German Parish Registers.  These volumes primarily contain information on the Lutheran and Catholic parishes of the Kingdom of Saxony, but other churches are also included.

We have also added the ABC’s of German-American Migration by Charles R.  Haller, and—just to reverse things a bit—the Swiss Emigration Book by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler.

We are expanding our Canadian resources as well.  The first of these,  Early Ontario Settlers: A Sourcebook, but Norman Kenneth Crowder, has come in.  It won’t be the last!

And, to advance our goal of having as many histories of Iowa counties as we can, the Scott County, Iowa, Genealogy Society has provided a Biographical History of Cherokee County (1889), and I. L. Stuart’s  History of Franklin County (1914).

Mary Barnes Prill’s Jefferson County, Iowa, Records, which were complied for the Daughters of the American Revolution, rounds out these satisfying additions to our collections.

Please come in and have a look!


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